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Mission Statement

Tarn House is a focussed Sales Consultancy. It exists to offer knowledge and expertise to enterprises that wish to build a reputation for delivering excellence in the total customer experience, in both the Private and Public Sectors.

Vision Statement

To become a leading Sales Consultancy, with a reputation for delivering knowledge and expertise to Enterprises who aspire to offer total excellence to their clients.  It will extend its capabilies by operating through a network of Associate Consultants and Partner Companies who have the same high ideals, and it will gain clients exclusively by word of mouth based on a reputation for excellence.


Core Competencies


Customer Experience: We are passionate about delivering satisfaction to the customer’s customer by understanding and delivering exceptional service, reflecting the true value of the solution.

Sales Innovation: We create sales strategies that differentiate by establishing real customer needs and developing the most appropriate solution.

Commercial Acumen: We focus on the need to bring commercial value to both supplier and customer by managing people and resources across the organisation.

People Management & Development: Using a “leader and coach” management style, we maximise and develop individual talents, producing committed, focussed and customer-centric high-performance teams.

Change Management: By positively embracing and influencing change, we identify the drivers and develop strategies to gain maximum benefit for the organisation.


We will enhance and extend the services we offer by building a network of World Class Associate Consultants and Partner Companies, each chosen on three characteristics:

  • A total and obsessive commitment to excellence in the Customer Experience.
  • A portfolio of skills and knowledge that is complementary, to enable us to offer a broad range of services that can be packaged to suit the individual needs of the client.
  • Flexible in approach and sympathetic to each client’s individual needs, and willing to work with each client in such a way as to derive the maximum benefit for the client enterprise.