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In order to offer our clients a broader range of skills and knowledge, we are developing a network of Partner Companies & Associate Consultants. The key characteristics of these partners is that not only are they best in class but they also have the same attitude toward Excellence in the Customer Experience as we have.

New partners will be added over time.




Cotoco works with sales and marketing directors of organisations who have the following challenges:

        • Winning new clients is time consuming and highly competitive
        • Too many cross selling opportunities are missed, restricting growth
        • It takes too long and costs are high to get sales people up to speed
        • The sales force suffers from information overload
        • Complex offerings are not well understood


Don Fuller
Founder & COO – Cotoco

Cotoco designs and produces software based performance improvement tools to solve these challenges, even at large scales (one project supported 12,000 sales people in 103 countries). Cotoco is also expert at capturing the best practice behaviours that differentiate top performers and packaging those behaviours in an accessible way so that average performers can emulate the winning behaviours. 


  • Complex to simple – Cotoco’s solutions can help to demystify complex solutions
  • Articulate value – Toolkit enables sales people to articulate the entire value proposition quickly and coherently
  • One stop sales support – Cotoco can collate a portfolio of offerings into an intelligent framework
  • Interactive sales support – Solutions can be correlated to customer care-abouts and needs and be tailored as discussions develop
  • Consistent message – Easy to maintain and centrally update solutions for deployment across a national or international practice
  • Personalised – filters and layers content to you, your market, your customer


Founded in 1994 by Don Fuller, Cotoco has delivered projects in several industries. In a period of 6 months one client (a global IT company) reported a sales increase of 30% that was attributed to the sales acceleration toolkit created by Cotoco. 69% of their channel partners also experienced a significant shortening of the sales cycle.

“Don is a thought leader in improving sales performance through the delivery of innovative ground breaking sales enablement tools. Having worked with Don for around 10 years he has made a tremendous impact for Cisco and partner sales teams in shortening sales cycles, increasing deal sizes and improving ease of doing business. In addition to this Don is a really inspiring, enthusiastic and fun person to work with” August 23, 2012

Tim StoneHead of Collaboration Marketing and Business Development Europe, Cisco Systems



Tony Barrett – Consultant in Customer Experience


Tony Barrett
Customer Satisfaction Guru

Tony is a recognised expert at understanding the level of customer satisfaction that is being experienced, by utilising a number of sophisticated analysis tools to quantify and validate the data. From this analysis it becomes pssoible to develop efficient and effective strategies to improve the customer experience.

Tony trained as a clinical biochemist and began his career managing a chemical Pathology Lab in the UK NHS. Tony’s  commercial career began in medical sales and rapidly progressed through field management to senior sales management positions. An early move into the marketing arena prepared Tony for broader, general management roles where he has successfully driven business through organisational and process development as well as leading direct senior business development.

Tony’s career development has been gained in companies such as Boehringer Mannheim, Union Carbide Corporation and Hoffmann La Roche, where he developed his strong belief in the value of, and passion for, customer delight. In 2003, Tony started his own business working with clients on customer experience and customer orientation and has initiated and managed many projects over the last nine years.

With a wealth of international cross-cultural expertise, highly developed analytical skills, perceptiveness and excellent presentation / communication skills, Tony is able to move projects forward promptly to deliver early, focussed and relevant results for clients.


Alan Lucas – Sales Trainer Extraordinaire

Alan is a first class Sales Trainer, who has honed his skills through a long career at BT. He sticks to the basics

Alan Lucas
Sales Trainer Extraordinaire

without the need to confuse with complex theories, and gives clear and easily understood, and more importantly, easily implemented, messages, that have the immediate effect of increasing sales performance and decreasing churn of both sales people and customers.

Alan began his sales career with Pitney Bowes who at the time offered a unique program of a one year course on how to be a salesman. He has a real passion for the Sales Profession and more importantly a clear understanding of the techniques of selling, having used them to great effect through a long and illustrious career over the last 30 years with BT. During that time he has worked across all sales disciplines, as Account Manager, Account Director and Sales Manager.  Alan is well know as a successful Coach and Mentor, helping his people learn and develop the art of Selling.
His first involvemnt in Training came when he was invited to join the ‘BT Retail World Class Sales Programme’ as a member of the team focussed on Sales Training, looking at the requirements for converting 3,500 commodity sales people into solutions sellers. Alan, as well as his “day job”, was then asked by his General Manager to design a sales course in BT Network Build, in the absence of any existing programme. He designed and produced a one day event, teaching the techniques of selling to both experienced and new recruits, in such subjects as :
Questioning, Listening and Closing Techniques, Power of both Verbal and Non-Verbal Body Language identifying Buying Signals and Sales Disciplines.

In his career both inside and outside of BT, he has delivered over 70 events so far. He believes passionately that enterprises need to invest in their people if they wish to improve retention, income and productivity.