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What is Sales Consultancy?  What does a Sales Consultant do?

I believe passionately that successful business can only be built on the platform of satisfied Customers.

Bruce McKenzie-Boyle
Director & Principal Consultant

When a customer signs the order or the contract, that is the beginning of what you both hope will be a long and profitable relationship between your companies. But sadly you know that this is all too often not the case. Failure to achieve this desirable outcome can be caused by many things, including:

  • Expectations set too high and not being met
  • Lack of understanding by the supplier of the Customer’s key drivers
  • Lack of commitment by the Customer to the needs fo the supplier
  • Neglect

My job is to help you identify where things are not as they should be, or as you wish them to be, and to provide the experience, skill and knowledge to help you correct what isn’t working, implement what isn’t in place, and create an environment and culture in which Customer Satisfaction is both Endemic and Systemic.


What can I do for you?

With over 40 successful years in Corporate Sales, I now want to put my experience to good use, helping small & medium size enterprises be more effective at selling their value proposition.

There are some simple rules and quick wins that I have learned over the past 40 years. I will work with you to bring clear differentiatiion to your enterprise by understanding where you currently are and recommend some simple measures that will inflate your value proposition so that your clients become true partners and advocates of your services, rather than just customers.

I can achieve this in one of three ways:

  • Consultancy
  • Interim Management
  • Non-Executive Roles



  • Work with you to build a successful Sales Strategy
  • Change your Culture to embrace your Customers & Clients
  • Streamline your Organisation, your Processes and your Value Proposition
  • Train your People, developing Market Specialisation
  • Qualify your Bids & Maximise your chances of presenting Winning Bids


Interim Management

  • Interim Sales Director, while you look for the right permanent addition to your team. A safe pair of hands. This could be anything from two weeks to three months.
  • Part-time Sales Director, to give guidance and direction to supplement your day-to-day management. This could be one to three days a week.


Non-Executive Roles

  • Become a valuable addition to your Management Team
  • Add Corporate Experience collected over many years
  • Bring a high degree of focus to Customer Issues



Look through this Website and then contact me for a no-obligation meeting. I will be delighted to visit you and discuss your needs and what we can do about them. Call me on 01344 772255 or 07850 717708, or email me on